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How to Decide Which HR Certification Exam to Take – Ask #HR Bartender

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Today’s reader note touches on the two most difficult decisions that human resources professionals consider in their development. First, should I seek professional certification. And second, which one?

Hi. For the past five years, I’ve been working for a company doing HR. Prior to that, I worked in the family business for 10 years doing payroll and HR. My highest education is a high school diploma with some college.

I would like to get certified. I was going to take the SHRM-CP HR certification. Is this the best place to start? Thanks in advance for your help.

Becoming a certified professional is a big decision. It’s best to do your homework before investing time (and money) into the process. That being said, I also think deciding to become certified is a personal decision. I can tell you about my experience, but the decision is yours.

But when it comes to which exam to take, there are experts that can help. I reached out to Michelle Sparacino, vice president of certification services and operations at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). She is responsible for developing the strategy for the SHRM-SCP and SHRM-CP credentialing programs.

Michelle, first things first, why should a person consider HR certification?

[Sparacino] Today’s employers are citing a lack of soft skills, such as communication and leadership, as a big concern when recruiting talent. SHRM’s competency-based certifications, the SHRM-CP & SHRM-SCP, are how HR professionals can set themselves apart and standout as strategic HR leaders.

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