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How to Demonstrate Leadership

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Many organizations are undergoing significant leadership changes as leaders transition out of the workforce and are replaced by a new generation. One of the ongoing challenges of this process is building up a pipeline of high-potential employees to fill these positions as they become available. With good leadership development and succession programs in place, companies can identify these candidates faster and do a better job of preparing them to step into their new roles with minimal disruption.

As young leaders take on new responsibilities, however, they must also learn how to put their leadership skills to use. Good leadership development programs can help them build those skills, but their success will ultimately be determined by how well they can apply them in practice. Fortunately, there are a few simple strategies leaders can apply that will position them to deliver results and earn the trust of their team members.

Take Initiative

Whether they want to or not, leaders are almost by definition leading by example. People constantly compare what they say to what they do, and any discrepancies can easily cause a lack of trust or engagement. As a result, , leaders can benefit enormously by taking initiative early and often.

By embracing additional responsibilities, taking on new learning challenges, or making an effort to form new connections, leaders can model a commitment to action and self-improvement for others to emulate. This can be especially beneficial for millennial employees, who tend to be far more focused on finding opportunities for self-improvement and career development.

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