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How to Deploy Ethical AI and Build Data Literacy in HR (Interview with Anshul Sheopuri)

By | David Green |

This week’s podcast guest is Anshul Sheopuri, Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer at IBM Workforce, talking about one of the key skills for HR professionals at IBM, data literacy. As both a business and technical executive at IBM, working in HR, Anshul shares his views with us on both the strategic and technological future of HR, with a particular focus on the application of artificial intelligence across the field. 

Throughout this episode Anshul and I discuss:

  • The five pillars of trustworthy AI and HR: transparency, explainability, fairness, robustness, and privacy, as well as examples of trustworthy AI in action

  • The applications of AI in HR, that Anshul is most excited about, including the multifaceted recommendation engine that connects IBMers to learning, mentors, job roles, and career opportunities, with skills data as the silver thread that holds it all together

  • Anshul’s top tips for HR and people analytics professionals, to deploy AI ethically

  • How to develop a data-driven culture at IBM by celebrating individuals who embody that culture, investing in the right tools and technology to democratise data across the organisation and making it clear which skills are needed, including data literacy

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