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How to Describe Weaknesses in a Job Interview

When asked to describe your weaknesses in a job interview, remember these five C's

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It’s not easy admitting your flaws, especially in front of potential employers. However, most hiring managers aren’t looking for perfect candidates. So, when they ask you to describe your weaknesses, they want to see how self-aware you are and how you handle adversity. But how do you answer this question honestly without ruining your chances of landing your dream job?

3 Steps to Follow When Describing Weaknesses in a Job Interview

Communicating your weaknesses in a way that demonstrates your ability to learn and evolve can make you a stronger candidate. Here’s how to put your weaknesses in a positive light.

1. Identify the Weakness

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Joseph Liu, host of the “Career Relaunch” podcast, recommends that interviewees identify their weaknesses by phrasing the start of their response like this: “At times, I catch myself (describe weakness).”

He says by doing so, “it demonstrates you’re self-aware enough to notice when you’re engaged in this behavior. It also subtly suggests that in most cases, this weakness is more the exception to the rule rather than a persistent issue.”

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