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How to Design Gamified Training for the Construction Industry

Source | | Kuljit Chadha

BearBuild Industries hired 50 campus recruits. After four days of onboarding, the new recruits, all millennials, had the following thoughts:

“Did I make the right choice joining BearBuild?”

“I thought the work would be exciting, but if the training is this boring, I dread to think what the actual work will be like.”

“Should I take out my resume again?”

“What good are these safety rules to our daily work? Why spook us in the first week by talking about rare accidents?”

Within one month, 10 of the new employees suffered minor injuries, and two of them had near-fatal accidents.

One reason some training programs are ineffective is that there is a gap between the actual work and what the training covers. Especially in an industry like construction, where health and safety are of utmost importance, a traditional training approach is bound to have limitations, because it does not replicate the dangers and risks involved in the work.

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