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How to develop the HR skills of the future

Source | LinkedIn | David Green | People Analytics leader | Director, Insight222 & | Conference speaker | Host, Digital HR Leaders Podcast

A number of people were attracted to HR because it was one of the few careers that required no data skills whatsoever and then all of a sudden the world changed around them…

HR doesn’t just need to do digital, it needs to be digital, it simply has to. Put another way, HR must become more digital and analytical to deliver greater business value.

This episode of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast is a break from our usual format. It features a panel discussion which took place at the recent People Analytics and Future of Work conference in San Francisco.

The discussion, which I moderated, was titled ‘HR Skills of the Future and how to develop them’. The Panel features:

  • Heather Whiteman, who lectures on people analytics at UC Berkeley, having spent six years previously as Global Head of People Strategy, Analytics, Learning and Operations at GE Digital.
  • RJ Milnor who is the Global Head of People Analytics at Uber and is a previous guest on the Digital HR Leaders Podcast, and;
  • Ian Bailie, Managing Director of myHRfuture who previously held various roles at Cisco around Workforce Planning, People Analytics and Talent Acquisition operations, and is a co-author of the HR Skills of the Future report from myHRfuture.

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