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How to Effectively Manage a Remote Team?

By | Daniela McVicker | RatedbyStudents 

Remote work has become an enduring reality. Hiring remote workers enables business owners and managers to choose the best talent in every niche. Usually, such a team is comprised of experts and professionals who are highly qualified and experienced. They are committed to the same goal or project but they aren’t stationed at one place.

Working with a remote team may seem like a challenge at first because you won’t be able to keep an eye on them. How can you ensure that your team will be productive without a manager present? This question troubles many managers.

If you want to conquer all possible obstacles and manage an efficient, productive, and collaborative team, apply the following tips.

Get to know each other

If you are building a team of new people or you have some newcomers, organize a meeting that will simply serve the purpose of getting to know each other.

You’ll spend a lot of time communicating and exchanging information so why not know the people on the other line?

One of the main problems of remote workers is loneliness. Encouraging your team members to get to know the person behind the screen will help them feel less alone in this process.

This meeting doesn’t have to take much of their time. Set aside half an hour of your time to sit down with a cup of coffee and let each team member introduce themselves and say something about them.

A simple gesture such as this can give a positive note to your collaboration.

Emphasize regular communication

Open communication is essential for effective remote teamwork. Explain to your team from the very start that you need to communicate regularly.

Be ready to answer every inquiry at any time and make sure that they feel free to ask whatever troubles them.

Set specific date and time each week when you can have a conference call. During this meeting, you can sum up your impressions, elaborate on suggestions, and discuss future plans.

Consistent communication will help you connect as a team and feel more comfortable with each other.

Organize the work and set goals

As a manager or a business owner, it is up to you to motivate your team members. One way to do that is to set clear objectives and goals of your project.

Make them feel welcome by elaborating on why this project is important and how each of them plays an important role.

Besides the overall goal, organize their work so they know what their personal goal is as well.

To make those goals and objectives comprehensible, go through best writing services reviews and find a writing service that can help you put it all down on paper.

Deliver these expectations to each one of them. It will serve them as a reminder and motivate them to do their part of work.

Set milestones

Without milestones, you won’t be able to track the progress. Setting one deadline will give them too much liberty on their assignment.

Constantly checking in with each of your team members will build up pressure and overwhelm you over time.

Make your job easier and help them organize themselves by setting specific milestones. If they complete their tasks on time, you won’t have to worry about the final deadline.

Keep in mind that different assignments demand different amounts of time. Consult with each of your experts how much time they need to finish each part of their project and assign the milestones accordingly.

You should take some extra time to organize the work then to stress about the project every step of the way.

Use a time-tracker

A time-tracking tool helps employers to keep track of their employees’ work. It is easily installed and it enables you to follow the employees’ productivity and review their efficiency.

This useful tool will also make your collaboration fair and professional. The time-tracker will show exactly how much time they spent working and they will be paid based on that.

Introduce this tool to your team and explain that it can work in their advantage as well. It can help them to monitor their progress and adjust their plans. Knowing that the time is running will help them concentrate on the task and eliminate all the distractions.

Build a trusting relationship

The best teams are those who closely work with each other and have a healthy business relationship.

If you position yourself as a boss rather than a leader, you won’t have a team of satisfied people.

There is a much better chance that your team members will give their best if they respect you as a person, not fear you as an employer.

To establish a good relationship, you need to promote sharing ideas and opinions. Let your employees speak their mind without hesitation.

You may be the manager of the project, but each one of them is the expert in their field so they probably have more experience in that specific area than you.

Besides that, they will feel more appreciated if you allow them to speak their mind.

Of course, the final decision will still be yours, but promoting a trusting and supporting relations will raise their respect for you.

Some final thoughts

Managing a remote team isn’t an easy task. Besides monitoring the project’s progress, you also have to keep track of your employees’ work and their accomplishments. Following these simple rules and tips can help you establish a loyal and hard-working team that you can rely on.

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Daniela McVicker is a well-known writer, a contributor to RatedbyStudents, blogger and editor at Her primary fields of interest include business communication, leadership, and management. On her Twitter page, she often shares her insights about leadership presence and building the relationship between a leader and employees.
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