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How to Embody Unbreakable Confidence in the Era of Uncertainty

By | Rakel Chafir |

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In an era of profound uncertainty where people’s trust has collapsed across all industries, looking sexy, being outspoken, or even charismatic is not enough to make us think of someone as a truly confident person. Today, people want to see the real you owning your real story.

Confidence doesn’t discriminate. It is an attribute possessed by all those who have cultivated the ability to show up fully in their lives without allowing the mental baggage of negative comments someone once said about their bodies, their intellect, their background, or their abilities to dim their light. 

You know those things we all think at times such as “you are not good enough,” “you are too fat,” “you are too short,” “you are too old,” “you are too loud,” “you are too average,” “you are too privileged,” “it’s too late for you,” and so on? Those mental recordings playing nonstop in our heads interfere with our capacity to express ourselves authentically and attract what we desire more than we are willing to admit. 

Having the courage to recognize those negative recordings as a collection of old stories playing in our minds like a broken record allows us to remember that our worth is our birthright. It is that unshakable awareness of being enough, and not having to prove anything to anyone, that enables us to radiate confidence as the full expression of who we are and what we are here to do. That is the experience of embodiment. 

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