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How to Engage Your Team and Be a Great Leader, Not Just a Manager

Follow these four tips and your team will increasingly follow your lead

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I once read a quote along the lines of “A good manager makes you feel that they are important. A good leader makes you feel like you are important.” I don’t know who said it or if I am quoting it accurately, but it’s worth mentioning as it is so important to remember that ego has no room in good leadership. If you’re not confident enough to elevate those around you, then maybe leadership is not for you.

Out of all the bosses I have had over the years, the ones I remember are the ones who helped me reach my potential and focused on making me better, not getting me to recognize how great they were.

Here are four easy things to do if you are looking to engage a team and lead them to success:

Make people feel needed.

It’s all pretty simple. Nothing feels worse than not being needed, and vice versa, the feeling that you are valuable and that your thoughts and insights are taken seriously feels good and gives you motivation to bring more initiatives to the table.

Of course, a big part of making someone feel needed is communication–telling that person that he or she is, but going beyond that. Listen to your team members’ ideas, implement them when relevant, and when not, communicate that the idea was seriously considered but ultimately not implemented because it didn’t fit the current strategy or for whatever other reason.

Give people credit for their work and ideas and make them feel needed.

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