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How to Establish a Successful Career in Tech?

By | Rakshitha Acharya |

How to Future-Proof Your Career in The Field of Tech

Your career in tech depends on the foundation you lay. Find out how you can etch a successful path for yourself in the field of tech, in this blog based on an Expert Chat by Kanchan Bhonde, Product Strategy Head, Makers Lab, Tech Mahindra. 

Here are some of the questions that were asked during the Expert Chat along with answers from the expert. 

“How to start my career as a software engineer?”

The current market trends require you to be unique — you need to have an advantage favouring you. With a degree in Software, you need to also specialise in any of the latest technologies.

For example, you can choose Automation Testing or Performance Testing and take up a course in the same. You have to work on your relevance; the more varied your skillset, the higher your chance of landing a job.

“How to start a career in Blockchain”

Your career is like a marathon — it is a long race that you will continue to participate in. It is not a short event that you can prepare for and get done with.

You have to plan and prepare to reach your dream position.

Find out what to keep in mind while thinking of a career in tech here.

The road might be a little bumpy if you decide to start off with Blockchain. It is better to have some work experience and then begin a career in Blockchain. 

If you still wish to pursue it, you can undergo training and then apply for a job. 

“How to come back to my career after a break?”

Believe in yourself — this is the mantra that every woman returning to her career should follow. You might have doubts, and people around you may think that you can’t make a return to your career, but YOU CAN. Regardless of others’ opinions, you should take the decision and work on restarting your career.

Here’s something that you should focus on while planning to return to work:

  •  Stay Updated: Find out what is trending in tech. Update yourself with the latest technologies, job trends and courses available in the field of technology.
  • Upskill: Once you have found out about the latest trends, choose one and pursue it. Again, you can take up courses in up and coming fields like AI/ML, Python, Automation and others.

When returning to work, reskilling / upskilling is a must. Find out how reskilling is going to get you an edge over others, here.

 “What courses or training to take up?”

Several institutions provide comprehensive and in-depth training for almost all technologies. Thanks to technology, you have options like distance learning, online courses, online materials, etc., available in the tip of your fingers. You have to simply make time and dedicate yourself.

Here are some programming languages or fields that you can train in:

  • Python
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain
  • Automation
  • AI/ML
  • Full Stack
  • JavaScript 
  • C and C++

There are many more options that you can choose from to future-proof yourself in the field of technology.

Want to know more about having a successful career in the field of Technology? Then, watch this Expert Chat here: 

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