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How to Excel at Work Even If You Hate Your Job

Source | LinkedIn | John Boitnott

When that alarm clock goes off on Monday morning, many of us may groan about the start of another work week. There’s a difference between that near-universal feeling, however, and realizing, “I hate my job.” Your company’s policies and culture, your co-founder, co-workers or leadership responsibilities may be to blame for bad days. No matter the reason, hating your job can have a huge impact on your life.

The most frustrating part is no matter how much you hate your job, you may not be able to quit. Perhaps you started your own business and you’ve put so much effort into it, you can’t stop now. Perhaps you make enough money to pay a large mortgage, rent or other bill. Maybe you need to support your family. So, you grin and bear it, but even when trying to hide your true feelings, a lack of motivation, lower productivity and negativity can show through. 

So what do you, and how can you excel at work even if it’s not your dream job? Here are a few tips. 

Don’t focus on what you don’t like.

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