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How To Fall In Love With Your Job Again

Source | FastCompany : By Gwen Moran

When you landed your job, you were thrilled. If it wasn’t your dream job, it was pretty darn close—at least a big step along an exciting career path. But lately, you’re just not feeling it. It’s not that you hate your job or even that you want to make a switch, but the days are feeling routine and you might be feeling the Sunday night blues again.

There are a number of reasons people get a little bored with their jobs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get excited about what you do again, says Vincent Ponzo, senior director of the Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center at Columbia Business School. But the sooner you begin to turn it around, the better off you are. Try these steps to stoke the fire again.


Ponzo is surprised by how many people aren’t self-aware enough to spot when they’re getting bored or off-track. You have to know yourself, your skill sets, and the areas about which you’re passionate in your career so you can get back in touch with those aspects in your day-to-day activities, he says. Think back to when you started to feel dissatisfied, and trace what led to your feelings now.

“Even if the job itself is rote or things go stale, there are still other ways to find fulfillment and gain energy and keep moving forward because jobs are not one-dimensional. There’s networks, skills, talents, lots of things you can get from a job,” he says. The key is to get back in touch with the opportunities to learn and grow.


Are you seeking out interesting people in your workplace or hanging out with the complainers? Have you fallen into a rut, eating at the same place every day (read: your desk) or following a dull routine? Mix it up, Ponzo says. Rearrange your workspace to be more organized. Seek out new people in the office for lunch or coffee. You may even find a great new contact or mentor.

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