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How To Find More Customers For Your Business

By  Siddharth Rajsekar


Are you looking to find more customers for your business in the most effective and fast way?


Yes, the whole world may say that the “markets are going down” or the “economy is not going to be that great”, but one formula I learned many years ago from Jack Canfield is:

Event + Response  =  Outcome

Before you go out to find more customers, you first need to believe that no matter what the circumstance may be in your business or in the economy, you have the potential to position yourself on the winning side!

This can happen only when you’re willing to change the way you respond to apparently disturbing times in the economy.

1. Overcome Your Biggest Obstacle

One of the biggest reasons we do not go out and prospect for new business is that we have this notion that we should not disturb another individual.


This can be a very big obstacle.

If you are having cash flow problems or the market is down in your industry, you’ve got to step out of that comfort zone and get things going.


Overcoming this fear of meeting new people can be your biggest asset.

Stepping out, joining different networking organizations and meetup groups can definitely give you that instant exposure to find more customers.


So the biggest obstacle here is the fear of meeting new people.

Here’s some of the key skill sets which you should learn:

  1. Networking tips
  2. Rapport building
  3. Body language
  4. Language patterns
  5. Dressing skills
  6. Subconscious selling techniques

I recently learnt a lot about these topics by taking a course called, The Mass Influence Formula.


This course costs $3500. It may seem quite high, but it’s by far the best course I know of, which teaches one how to become an influencer.


Sometimes the best investments in life are the ones that you make on yourself.

2. Have The Right Mindset

find more customersPeople can smell a desperate sales guy from a mile away. Don’t you?

We all hate cold calls and unsolicited sales promotions from companies that are desperate to find more customers.

So the true mindset one should have is that of abundance & giving value to the marketplace.


We must be prepared to give away some of our best knowledge, idea or experience for free.

Give more to receive more.

We should be giving someone something that they’re really looking for, it may be something you’re really good at and want to sell, so that’s what you must be able to give away in order to build that VALUE.

When I first started by company SCION SOCIAL, it was initially difficult to find more customers.


Then gradually, when I started to do more workshops and training business owners.

I started to give more value and knowledge to the market, and the result was that I started to gain more customers more effortlessly.


This is just to prove that having the GIVING mindset is the best formula to find more customers.

If you go out mentally prepared to give more away without expecting anything in return, then people will start responding to you very quickly.

Personally for me, I have improved my mindset drastically by subscribing for theInner Circle Mastermind group.

It costs $100/month, but this system has put in more money into my bank than the actual subscription.
(Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person)

3. Focus On These Daily Activities To Find More Customers


“Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.”

No matter what stage you are in business, it all boils down to what you are doing consistently on a daily basis.


Key Daily Activities for you to find more customers:

  1. Talk to at least 3 new people every day either over the phone, skype or physical meetings.
  2. Talk to them about your product or service and how it can help their business.
  3. Start connecting with people over LinkedIn or Facebook, and send well-crafted messages which help you build rapport. Sending 5-10 messages a day can quickly get you more visible online, and you’ll start receiving enquiries.
  4. Setup a small marketing budget for Google Ads or Facebook Ads to generate new enquiries. You can even start with as small as $5-$10/day and see how it goes. Just ensure that you send them to a landing page instead of the homepage on your company website.
  5. Use technology and videos to automate a lot of your meeting info. Example: I’ve set up a welcome video on my company’s prospecting page.


 I learnt about some of these key daily activities by taking up a course called the TOP PRODUCER FORMULA. This costs $500 and will teach you all the required techniques to find more customers online and offline using proven methods.

4. Choose The Best Time & Place


find more customersThe best time to meet new customers is at the beginning of the day. First, it’s the highest priority. Secondly, because you have the highest level of energy, highest possible positivity, optimism whether it’s meeting people at a breakfast meeting or a coffee shop or online through Skype, do it as the FIRST THING every morning.


Next, it’s important to go where the CUSTOMERS are and create a routine that you do everyday.


QUALIFY YOUR PROSPECTS: you go ahead and show your sales presentation to only those who qualify to buy your product. It’s very disheartening to spend a couple of hours as time and your energy with someone who can’t afford your products or someone who is not motivated or not the decision maker.


What are the minimum qualifications/requirements of someone whom you can work with before even giving them the sales presentation?


Be it for example their income level, how social they are or how fast they are at learning and grasping or how sharp and smart they are, could be some of the parameters you can choose whom to work with.


An exercise I normally do in all my social media workshops is ‘Creating A Customer Avatar’, where my students usually get a crystal clear idea on who their ideal prospect really is. Based on that, an entire marketing strategy is created.


Similarly, if you want to find more customers in the most effective way, you’ve got to know who your customer is.

Offline, you can find your customers in clubs, hotels, marketing events, and trade shows.


Online, you can find them on social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook,Quora, Instagram, Google+ and more.

5. Have A Quick Conversation Method Setup

find more customersHere are some of the ways you talk to prospects face to face.


“What do you do?” is a very common question asked in groups and most marketers want rely ask their prospects this question in order to be asked the same question back so they can go ahead and pitch in their business. This is the WORST WAY.


Instead if someone asks you what do you do, you ask them a question back such as “Can I ask you a question?”


Even though you’re asking them a question back instead of answering their question, they won’t mind.


For example, if you are a weight loss coach, instead of telling  your prospect that you are a weight loss coach directly and making yourself look like you want to sell your program to him, even if he is an ideal prospect for weight loss and is looking for solution, this will look like you’re desperate for making a sale.


So, you say can I ask you a question and start telling them “I help people who are 20 pounds or more, lose 20 pounds of belly fat within 90 days”. This is called an elevator pitch, and having your elevator pitch ready can help you quickly create that BEST first impression.


Opening up a conversation in such a way that your potential customers is curious to know more about your business is the best way to go about it.


6. Build Your Ultimate Prospecting Formula


The best formula to find more customers who are interested in your product or service is to talk about their benefit.

FORMULA: I help people who “talk about their PROBLEMS or their wants.” to “get the RESULT that they want” (fill in the blanks)

Example: I help people who want to sell their home, sell it within 30 days or I’ll buy their home for cash.


So, you must ask them if they know anyone who wants to lose 20 pounds of belly fat in under 90 days. So, you’re selling as well as not selling at the same time. :)

If they qualify as a prospect, then fix up a time with them to discuss more about this.

When you go out and start meeting people, maybe only 1/5 or 1/10 people may actually qualify for your full sales presentation.


So, keep these conversations within 5 to 10 minutes and then spend a good 2 hours or more with the prospects that you’ve shortlisted.

If you follow this process; your customers will LOVE you.

Most people have not had the experience of being cared for and genuinely helped, and if you do it this way, you’re sure to give your prospects a feeling of genuinely being interested in meeting their needs and helping them solve their issues.


Listen carefully to their needs, their frustrations, their wants and let that be the focus of your conversations. 

This is the magic formula.

Again, The Mass Influence Formula is one of the best courses that I would recommend if you want to master the art of getting new customers fast.


siddharth rajsekar

Hi I’m Sidz. I love writing practical stuff about ‘Attraction Marketing’, networking tips and improving one’s social skills, happiness, productivity and awesomeness. I love music, I’m a musician, sound engineer, social media geek, a father, husband of a loving wife; and I live in Bangalore city.

I’m on a mission to help 10,000+ people live the internet lifestyle!

To Give Back to the World by helping people realize their true potential and power as an individual, in areas of spirituality and personal development

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