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How to Find the Right Idea for Your Side Hustle

Use this method to start generating ideas that align with your passion and skills

Source | | Kim Perell 

There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than helping entrepreneurs find success. I’ve worked with countless individuals interested in starting their own business or side hustle, and there’s one other BIG question I continually get – and I bet it’s not what you’d think it is. (At least, it isn’t what I thought it would be!)

The question that keeps emerging in one way or another is this: 

“How do I find the right idea?”

So many ambitious, self-motivated, and intelligent people have a desire to start something new but they are convinced that in order to be successful, they need a big, impressive idea.

To find out that exactly is holding people back, I spent significant time researching this challenge. That’s when a pattern started to emerge.

Through my conversations with aspiring entrepreneurs, I identified three groups of people who are trying to figure out how to find the right idea.

Do any of these sound like you?

1. The Shaky Dreamer

Shaky dreamers feel like they don’t have an idea, but they actually do. And usually, it’s a very good idea. But they just don’t have enough belief or confidence that their idea is good enough to be the idea they should pursue.

They are often looking for some external confirmation or go-ahead before moving forward and aren’t sure how to judge whether an idea is good enough to pursue or not. Sadly, they also doubt whether they are capable enough in their abilities to pursue their idea or not. 

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