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How to find time to think differently

By | Sridhar Ramanathan

  1. Do what you hate first 
  2. Pass the buck
  3. Don’t do it
  4. List assumptions about the task 
  5. What will happen if you don’t do it? Will they miss it? 
  6. Observe people who manage time well borrow ideas 
  7. Phone a friend who is good at it
  8. Hide your mobile; experience life without mobile for 24 hours
  9. What are the things you like to do most? Prepare a list don’t do them/cut the list by 50% 
  10. Collaborate 
  11. Find a time manager 
  12. Reward yourself
  13. Watch YouTube videos on finding time
  14. Do I have to do it myself? What if I find someone else to do it?
  15. What if don’t do it – will anybody complain?  
  16. Who will do it if I didn’t turn up?
  17. Find people who want to impress seniors – give them the job
  18. Find a time manager who sends WhatsApp messages 

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