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How to Fix Facebook Not Working on Your Phone?

By | Karen Anthony

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites present in the world right now. It has billions of users who are using it every day. The app helps people to connect with their friends and family throughout the globe. But even with such popularity people sometimes still complain about the problems with Facebook. Maybe there is a Facebook login problem or it is not loading correctly. If you also have problems with the working of Facebook, here is our article which contains different ways to fix Facebook not working on android.

  1. Restart your phone

At times, when facing such problems we always think too deep and don’t focus on simple things. To fix Facebook, the most basic thing you can try is to restart your phone. This step can fix many software-related issues of the phone. Before trying any other step or visiting the technician, give a chance to this trusty method.

  1. Update the Facebook application

Facebook constantly gives out new updates and installations in the app to resolve any bugs or errors. If you have Facebook app problems today, you can visit the play Store and try updating your application. These updates fix any problem with the app and enable it to run smoothly.

  1. Update the Phone System

To make sure your phone is free of any malware or bugs, you need to ensure that you are using the latest software and version of your Android. The phone companies give out new versions to ensure the efficient running of the device.  To get any new update, visit Settings> System> System Updates.

  1. Clear the Cache

While facing problems of facebook not loading properly 2021, it is also recommended to regularly clear the cache files from your device. If the cache files are too much and corrupted, it can cause an app to malfunction. Pursue the steps below to resolve this issue:

  • Go to the settings on your device.
  • Hit on Apps and Notifications, and then click on Manage apps.
  • Search for Facebook from the list and open it.
  • Look for Storage and Cache and the hit on it.
  • Finally, select a clear

    Sometimes the app doesn’t load properly after the cache files are cleared. To ensure the proper functioning of the app we recommend that you reinstall the application.

  1. Install the recent browser

If you are using Facebook on a web browser, then ensure that you have the latest version of this as well. If the browser is outdated or bugs are present in it, then you may face a problem with Facebook. To fix this issue you have to get the latest version of the browser or you can try a different browser like chrome, firefox, etc.

  1. Check Internet Connection

One of the most common issues which people generally forget is to make sure they have a good internet connection. Facebook will load some posts if you are not connected to the internet however you will not be able to see new posts. The reason could be your fluctuating internet connection. Check to see if your mobile internet connection is working or not.

  1. Free up space on your device

Facebook often requires storage on your mobile phones. If your Facebook is not working properly, then you have to check in your settings. Your phone needs to have more than 100MB on it for the Facebook app to run smoothly. You can clear up your internal storage by shifting some items to an SD card. Just try and clear up your storage.

  1. Reset app preferences

You can also try to reset the app preferences if facebook is not showing any notifications on your device. This option re-enables any disabled app and will give permission to any restricted background data. Follow the instructions below:

  • Start your device.
  • Go to the bottom and long click.
  • After this, you have to click on reset options.
  • You will see ‘Reset app preferences’. Hit on it.
  • Lastly, you would have to click on RESET APPS.

All the methods given above will help you to solve any problem you are facing regarding Facebook. If you want more info visit:

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