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How to Format a Cover Letter That’ll Get You an Interview

By | Regina Borsellino |

Do you ever feel like your resume couldn’t possibly tell the whole story of who you are and why a company should hire you? That’s because it doesn’t. But a strong, well-written, and correctly formatted cover letter helps fill in some of the gaps.

“Cover letters are worth the time,” says Muse coach Jennifer Smith. “They provide an opportunity to expand on key points from your resume, show off your personality, and solidify your interest.” Perhaps most importantly, “They show an employer you put the time and energy into applying.” And—luckily—they don’t need to be difficult to write.

Most cover letters have a similar format that make them much easier to write than you might think. And we’ve laid it out exactly—so you can get that application in already.

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How to format and organize your cover letter content

Here’s the format most hiring professionals that read your cover letter will be looking for:


Your heading goes at the top of the page and contains your contact info as well as some other basics that a hiring manager or recruiter might use to learn more about you once they’ve read your cover letter.

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