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How to get hired by a 4-day week company: They’re looking for people with these 3 skills

By | Jennifer Liu |

Working a four-day week may seem like a dream, but it can be an intense experience and may not be for everyone, experts said during a panel conversation at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, last week.

Qwick, an on-demand hiring platform for hospitality workers, saw job applications jump by 220% after it moved to a shortened week in 2022, says Retta Kekic, the company’s chief marketing officer.

But not everyone may be well suited for a four-day week if they’re not used to it: “The importance of your hires becomes even greater when you do this because they have to be contributing at that pace within the four days,” she says. “And it’s not for everyone, putting it frankly, to be able to work with that intensity every single day.”

Here, leaders share the top three skills you need to get hired at a four-day week company:

1. Initiative

Given the difference, Kekic says one of the biggest traits she looks for in a new hire is a strong sense of initiative.

“We don’t have the time to get approval for three or four layers before you start something,” she says, “and so we need people who are confident and have the ability to take initiative on things that they know are going to move the company forward.”

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