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How to Get Over It When People Call You Names

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  • Here are 7 tips for using non-reactive strength to stand up for yourself

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The last time I was in China, I impressed my client with how I stood my ground to get a larger room from the hotel manager. I joked that I loved being called names when I walk away. At least they will remember me. The next day when I sat with her and a larger group of women to design a Women’s Leadership workshop, I took back my statement from the night before. I don’t want people to call me names, but I will stand for getting what I believe is possible no matter what I’m called in the process.

There will always be people who find fault with you, your voice, or your style. If you are a woman and/or a minority, you fall into a smaller range of acceptable behaviors before others negatively label you. The only way to change this is to take your stand, declare your requests, and be heard regardless of the names they call you.

We can only decrease the name-calling if we model non-reactive strengthwhen we know we are being judged.

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