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How to Go from Surviving to Thriving at Work

Making the Most Out of the Majority of Your Life

By | Dawn Castell

Unfortunately, everyone must work in order to independently survive in the developed world. If people did not work, society would not be able to function. People would not be able to exchange goods and services, and human advances would not be made. Even though going to work gives you a purpose and helps you contribute to the greater good, work days are not pleasant. Even if you like your job, you would most likely not go to work if you did not have to. Modern society demands that most people work into their sixties, which means that you will be working for the majority of your life. You do not have to hate your life until you retire. You can make the most of your working days.

Ways to Make Your Workday Better

  • Decorate Your Work Space

Having a comfortable work space can make it easier to tolerate being in it. Find cute knick-knacks to add color and life to your work space. Display your favorite photos of your family and best friends. The best decoration for your workspace is pictures of positive quotes to keep you in a positive mind set and motivate you.

  • Become Friendly with Co-Workers

Even though you can never 100 percent trust your co-workers, becoming friendly with certain co-workers can make you look forward to going to work every day. Do not befriend people whose only common interest with them is the disdain of a certain supervisor or task because your conversations will mostly be about work. Befriend people who you share common hobbies, views, and family lifestyles so that your conversations are about topics that make you feel good, not even more stressed about work.

  • Learn from Others

You may be able to attest to the fact that school is better than working because you were able to learn. Even though you do not sit down, listen to a lecture, or do educational projects at work, your job is just as much -if not even more- of a learning experience than school. Regardless of how boring or daunting a subject, task, or person is, there is always a lesson that can be learned. Make the effort to learn from your bosses, coworkers, clients/customers, and projects.

  • Practice Self-Care

Mental health counselors use the term “Halt,” which means hungry, angry, lonely, and tired. If you are not practicing self-care at home and at work by eating meals, managing stress, socializing and venting your feelings with others, and getting enough sleep, getting through a work day will be harder because you do not feel well. You need to eat a healthy breakfast at home, take breaks, engage in hobbies during your free time, talk to someone about the challenges you are facing, and get at least eight hours of sleep each night.

It is important to keep your office or desk stocked with essentials that you may need during the workday such as Advil or water. Before you go to work make sure you are prepared for the workday and if it’s that time of month check out Ruby Love review for comfortable, leak-proof underwear that will keep you comfortable during your long shift. Everyone wants to feel at their best during the work day, so don’t shy away from self-care to prepare for your 9-5.

  • Play Music in the Background

Music acts as white noise, which can make an environment more upbeat. If your workplace allows it, play music from your computer, radio, phone, or iPod to help you get through tasks that do not involve talking to others (e.g. writing executive profiles and resumes). Music can also act as an incentive to do work and a distraction from the unpleasantness.

Productivity Equals Pleasantness

When you think about it, life would get boring if you could just wake up everyday and watch tv or go to the beach. The key to having a pleasant life is to have a healthy balance of work and leisure. Having a healthy, fun, and positive work environment is also part of maintaining that healthy balance. You should not have to dread going to work everyday because that can take a toll on your mental health. While you cannot control others, you can control getting the most out of work by creating a comfortable work space, enjoying the company of your co-workers, staying positive in your own mind, and taking care of yourself.

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