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How to Grow Your Career by Influencing Others

Source | LinkedIn : By Bruce Kasanoff

As I outlined in my last article (Why You Fail to Influence Others), many people forget the chasm of time between when you:

A. Try to get someone else to do something, and…

B. When the other person actually acts… or instead choose to ignore you.

In many cases, by the time a person gets to Point B, they have forgotten you and/or your message. For example, a job interviewer who genuinely liked you during your interview may forget you when time comes to decide whom to hire. This is because you were not memorable enough.

Carmen Simon does not have this problem. She’s the author of Impossible to Ignore: Creating Memorable Content to Influence Decisions. I’m proud to have played a minor role in the creation of this new book, in that I begged and pleaded Carmen to write an actionable summary of her many powerful techniques.

She delivered far beyond what I hoped.

To grasp why I am such a huge fan of Carmen’s work, you have to understand how I have personally benefitted from her techniques . Years ago, I found one of her company’s (Rexi Media) presentations on SlideShare, and was so impressed that I emailed Danielle Daly, who turned out to be Carmen’s partner at the firm. She told me that Carmen was the neuroscientist who put the “magic sauce” into their work.  

Fast forward about eighteen months, and I was the fifth keynote speaker at a conference with five keynote speakers. Carmen was the fourth, and her topic was essentially the right and wrong ways to present. In other words, I had to follow a charismatic neuroscientist who would point out all the mistakes I could possibly make. 

This scared the hell out of me, so I sat down with Carmen the night before and picked her brain. I made numerous changes in my presentation, and… WOW… there was a reception after my keynote and when I was ready to leave it took 90 minutes because so many people wanted to talk with me. (Before this, I never had any trouble just walking out the door.)

Translation, Carmen’s ideas work unbelievably well.

Carmen and I joined forces to highlight five of her ideas in the below SlideShare. I’m putting them in the SlideShare rather than the text of this article because they are visual in nature.

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