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How to Handle Fear of Covid -19

By | Narendra Ambwani | Helping CEO/CXO Excel

Edvard Munch 1983

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These days the world is gripped in fear of the deadly virus Covid-19 and many of us are concerned and getting into negative thoughts or even depression. The famous 1983 poster by Edvard Munch has illustrated it so well.

To overcome a fear we have to first understand what is fear. The fear is serious anxiety about an event which may happen in future. So it’s not a real event. It’s something which you are imagining may happen some time in future. It is an emotional response to an imagined future. However, the imagination is so strong that you lose your rational and intellectual facility. Your mind has two parts, one is rational thinker and the other has emotional responses. Both have important roles in our lives. However, once we allow emotions to take charge, then, we lose rational thinking and reality checks. If emotions dominate for too long then we start making future look more and more awful. This leads to inaction in the present and we stop living our normal life. May be we get depressed and stop eating, stop noticing good things around and appreciating the fact that life is for living and experiencing every moment.

It is choice you have to make : do you want to Live and enjoy experiences life has to offer or do you wish to get immobilized by the imagined fear. It does not mean that you should not do what are intelligent acts and safe behaviours. Example, washing hands frequently, wearing masks, keeping social distances and such other actions for safety. Do not be afraid of something not in present or not existing.

Be confident that you will handle the future as and when it happens. Hope and Faith are very strong motivations to help you face all eventualities. The worst which can happen to any of us is death, but that is going to happen anyway to all of us some day. Life is a cycle in which everyone born has to depart one day. It’s what you are able to experience while alive is what is more important. So why stop living and why not make most of every moment we are fortunate to be blessed with. Why waste it on an imagined future which may or may not ever happen or impact you. The only thing real in life is the present moment. Go ahead and take advantage of this moment in the way you would like.

Happy to learn your thoughts and ideas. Also happy to have conversations on the subject.

Republished with permission and originally published at Narendra Ambwani’s LinkedIn

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