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How to Help Employees Understand the Importance of Cybersecurity

By | Elaine Bennett

Every business nowadays runs by leveraging digital tools and new pieces of technology. However, there is a constant race between cybersecurity and malicious hackers. Most businesses fall prey to vicious cyber-attacks that are usually data breaches, ransomware or data alteration. All of these can definitely set businesses way back. Not just that, but it also leads your customers straight into danger, where their sensitive financial data can be easily stolen. After all, this is the primary objective of malicious hacking groups. Good cybersecurity practices start from within the organization, that is why it is necessary to include good cybersecurity training and raise awareness with your employees. This will make them more competent when leveraging company devices and user data. Here is everything there is to know about making your employees understand the importance of cybersecurity.  

Improve the overall work culture

In order to make any effective long-term changes in the way your company protects against malicious cyber events, it is important to upgrade the work culture. More emphasis should be placed on creating a company-wide understanding of why cyberattacks are so dangerous and what could be done about them. This task is no longer reserved for chief information security officers, but to everyone involved in the process. One employee and his team can hardly protect the entire company if everyone else is not on the same page, and liabilities and risks can be traced left and right. New employees should be welcomed into an environment where cybersecurity training is mandatory and the existing workforce should be carefully introduced into different ways that they can alter their current work methods and make it safer. 

Identifying attacks

The best way to make your business secure is to prevent attacks by discovering them early on. This is something that a cybersecurity expert has no trouble doing, however, for an average employee the problem is much more complex.  Luckily, there are very obvious tell-tale signs that usually happen early on that you can train your employees on detecting. For instance, your data usage might have increased without anyone noticing, this usually indicates that there is spyware installed on your company devices. These can record passwords and endanger your entire network. Noises and clicks coming from your devices could also mean that someone is intruding your connection. The same goes for the lack of speed that your hardware might be outputting, because malicious software usually uses up your CPU resources. For mobile devices, it is always a good idea to check the battery usage in case yours might be draining rapidly. Lastly, laptop webcams are a surefire way that someone can get into your system and even monitor what everyone is doing.

Prevent phishing attempts

One of the most common ways individuals fall prey to cybercrime is via an online phishing attempt. This is a vicious cycle to fall into because these attacks are carefully aimed at hitting your employees where it can hurt them the most. A phishing attempt is a type of online scam that usually comes in the form of an e-mail or a call. The e-mail states that the person’s payroll has to be verified or that they have received a bonus payment that they have to provide credentials for in order to claim. Unfortunately, the employees end up sharing their login information and other sensitive data in a rush, granting hackers full access to the company’s network. One way to prevent this is by integrating a secure business network platform which has a complex login system with file encryption. Check out some of the best cyber security tools online and implement a solution that will make your employees worry less and your users that much safer. 

Inspire customer and employee confidence

One of the biggest reasons people in your workforce might still be unwilling to adopt these security practices is because of fear. People tend to fear things which they do not fully understand. So, the goal of your security training should not be to traumatize everyone even more but inspire them and make them feel more competent. With a good mindset you are more likely to convey even the most complex cybersecurity practices with ease. On the other hand, by improving your overall cybersecurity policy you are much more likely to positively influence your customers as well. Let them now that each and every one of your employees has gone through extensive training, and that they should not expect anyone to ask them for their personal information or login credentials. As a result of this you will increase customer trust and also accrue more revenue. When it comes to your business partners, you will be able to collaborate worry free, because everyone enjoys working with a secure and reputable company. 

Stay compliant

If these reasons do not sound convincing enough for everyone in your organization you should definitely consider the fact that your business will be able to stay compliant with all of the latest regulations which can win you actual certificates and recognitions on the market.

Running any modern-day business comes with a handful of security challenges, and most of them have to do with the way you handle your cybersecurity. You can raise good awareness in your company if you improve your overall work culture, identify attacks, prevent phishing attempts, instill confidence and pursue compliance.

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