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How To Hire The Best Candidate: Ultimate Guide For HR Managers

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An HR manager’s role is vital for any organization’s success. Finding the ideal candidate for each open position is an HR manager’s one of the most critical responsibilities. Although it might be difficult, finding the ideal individual is crucial for a company’s success too. We will go through the certain steps in this comprehensive guide that guarantee you hire the most qualified applicant.

Steps to Hire Best Candidates

To help you hire the right candidate for your company and avoid substantial workforce stress, we have created a list of 7 steps to hire the best candidates:

  • Create a Compelling Job Description 

The first step in finding the right candidates is to create a compelling job description. It should describe the key responsibilities, required skills & qualifications, and any other important details that the candidate needs to know about the vacant position. Make sure to include the information about company culture and any other factors that may be important to the potential candidates. A job description that covers the above information should set you up for success when finding the right candidate. 

  • Use the Right Recruitment Channels

Once you have a compelling job description in your hands, you should use it for promotion for your job. You can promote your job and look for candidates on various recruitment channels such as social media, job boards, local job fairs, company career pages, etc. One crucial thing you should note here is that to ensure that you are looking for your ideal candidates where they are at. If you for an intern position, may on-campus recruiting will be the best fit. If you are looking for an experienced professional, then maybe social media or linkedIn could be the best place to find them. Knowing where to look for candidates can save a lot of your sourcing time and help you towards focusing on other recruitment stages. 

  • Screen Resumes to Identify Ideal Candidates

As resumes start coming in, you should start screening them to identify ideal candidates. Create a checklist for things you want to gather from the resumes and applications, prior to any interviews. Especially look out for their skills and qualifications to know whether they could fit in the vacant position or not. If you can’t find any relevant candidate from the targeted talent pool, then you may need to make some changes in your job description. And if you do find ideal candidates for your position then you should create a shortlist and start interviewing them one by one.

  • Conduct a Phone or Online Interview

After you have completed screening all the resumes, the next step is to conduct a phone or online interview. Tell the candidate about the interview in advance so that they may prepare adequately. This interview provides you with the chance to speak with the applicants and inquire about their abilities, experience, and qualifications. The candidate’s response to your query might help you decide how they would fit into the open position. And for that reason you can also consider recording the whole interview with the candidate’s consent so that you can refer back to it while comparing candidates. 

  • Conduct an In-person Interview

If the phone or online interview goes well, the next step is to invite the candidate for an in-person interview. During this type of interview, ask more detailed questions about their skills and experience. Ask them to provide examples of how they dealt with challenges in the past.  Keep the questions same from interview to interview to avoid any chances of job interview biases. Create a few interview questions that are common for all positions and reflect the culture of your organization. This kind of interview is very helpful to know how the candidate can perform under pressure.

  • Check References

Once the candidate has cleared all interviews, there is only one last thing to do before making an offer, and that is checking their references. You can contact the candidate’s previous employer or subordinators to verify their employment history and to get information regarding their performance in previous roles. Ensure to ask particular questions regarding the candidate’s skills and experience. This can tell you a lot about if the candidate would fit in within your organization. 

  • Make an Offer

If a candidate has passed all the recruitment stages prior to this one, then it is time to make them an offer. You can send them an official offer letter from the company and allow them a few days to review and give a response for the offer. Make sure to explain clearly to the candidate about the terms of the offer, including salary, benefits and start date. Also give them your contact so that they can reach you whenever they have any doubt regarding the offer.


It takes time and effort to find the right applicant for the position, but the rewards are worthwhile. You can fill the open position in your firm by employing the methods mentioned above. Be sure to track every step to know how you are doing in recruiting the right people and analyze your employee turnover to ensure that you are on the right track.

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