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How to hold employees accountable without micromanaging them

Yes, it’s possible. Here are 9 practices for how to increase team accountability without squashing your team morale

By | Claire Lew |

If you’re a leader who wants the best outcomes, the natural question to ask is:  “How to hold employees accountable without micromanaging them?” 

However, this question can feel complicated.

As much as you want your team to be more accountable, you’ve never been eager to play “bad cop.” The last thing you want to do is become “that micromanager,” getting people’s nerves by checking in with people incessantly and scrupulously enforcing deadlines. After all, when did the role of a leader become the role of a taskmaster?

Simultaneously, you feel the swirl of work – the pace, the volume of it – consuming you and your team. You wonder if you even have another option than to become “that micromanager.” Someone makes a mistake. Someone misses a deadline… Those incidents aren’t going to cut it if you’re going to get to where you want to go as a team. Though you don’t relish in the role, how else are you supposed to keep your team accountable without cracking the proverbial whip?

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