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How to identify the skills that energize you

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  • Author Kayvan Kian explains why it’s important to not let fear keep you stuck doing only what you’re already good at, especially if it doesn’t give you energy.

Source | | KAYVAN KIAN

Is there something you’re not particularly good at, but that gives you energy when you do it?

Or, their job doesn’t require them to use a particular skill that gives them energy. Someone might use strategic thinking often as an accomplished chess player, but they’re not asked to think strategically at work. As a result, they don’t get to apply that skill in a new context.

When we ignore these hidden treasures, we deny ourselves the energy that can help us deal with challenging times in our lives. Unlike strenuous gifts—those skills we excel at but that drain us—you want to identify these skills so you can practice them more often.

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