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How to Improve Your Marketing Strategy to Get Better Clients

By | Samantha Higgins

If you want to expand your business’s client base, improving your marketing strategy can go a long way. Not all marketing efforts incur major expenses, and it’s possible to enhance the way that you advertise your products or services without having to put a huge strain on your company’s finances. Here are a few clever ways to improve your marketing strategy to get better clients.

Set Up a Referral Program

A referral program essentially makes it possible to have your existing clients do a lot of your marketing efforts for you. A monetary bonus or another perk can be given to each client who refers a friend, a family member or someone else they know who becomes a new customer for your business. Word-of-mouth advertising still goes a long way, and recommendations from people who’ve used your products or services can help earn more trust from other people who may want to become part of your client roster.

Offer Free Trials or Samples

You’ll be able to reach a broader audience of potential new clients by offering free trials on services or complementary product samples. Having free offers available can help you earn more trust from people who are willing to try what your business offers without obligation. Offering these freebies can go an especially long way in word-of-mouth advertising. Free products that feature your brand name can also be given away as promotional items at trade shows or other events, and people can inadvertently advertise your business when using these products in the real world.

Utilize IP Targeting

IP targeting is a strategy that involves using digital display ads to reach a broader audience. Some providers of IP targeting services obtain information offline from subscription and voter registration lists along with other sources to create a database of potential new clients. IP addresses are generated from this database so that you can use digital ads to market your brand to these people. This can save you time and trouble from sending ads to people who likely won’t become customers.

Take Advantage of Analytics Tools

Analytics tools shouldn’t be ignored, and using the right ones can help you track your online marketing efforts. With analytics tools, you can view the amount of online traffic that each of your marketing channels receives. As explains, the information that you get from these tools will make it possible for you to identify which marketing efforts were the most successful so that you can focus on them more. This data will also let you know which campaigns weren’t as successful so that you can do away with them or make the necessary improvements to make them more effective.

Try Guerrilla Marketing

This unconventional marketing method has yielded great results for some businesses. You may get better clients if you’re willing to think outside the box and try marketing tactics that many other businesses haven’t thought of or are afraid to try themselves. Guerilla marketing can also save you money on advertising. Flash mobs of people singing, dancing or performing in some other fashion can be organized in public places, and you can capture video of the impromptu performances to post on social media. Removable statues, temporary artwork and other unique displays can also be placed in public areas to garner more attention for your brand.

Show Testimonials

You can have a section on your business’s website that features testimonials from other clients who’ve been satisfied by what your company offers. You can ask certain clients to explain how a certain product or service that you offer has changed their lives for the better. It’s also important to make sure that all the statements aren’t just saying the same thing to give your testimonials section more unique value. These testimonials can be presented in written form or in videos that you include on your website. If your budget allows, you can even try getting testimonials from celebrities or other well-known people to further boost your company’s image.

Getting more desirable clients may be easier than you think, and utilizing the right methods can give you the results that you want. By finding better ways to expand your clientele, you’ll likely be able to enjoy greater success as a company for the long term.


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