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How to Increase Productivity Using Videos

By | Amy Robinson

Videos are perceived well by the viewers as it is visually enticing and less effortless to get the message through. Businesses to individual content creators use videos to improve their reach and fuel productivity. The unannounced pandemic changed the whole working dynamics and increased work from home. The remote work and increased reliance on digital marketing further increased online content consumption, mainly videos. Search engines and social media platform algorithms supporting video content are instrumental to improved productivity.

Video marketing has become a powerful tool for promotion, marketing, and branding. Whether creating videos for personal branding, digital marketing, product or service promotion or learning about something, videos have proved highly productive. Here are ways videos help in achieving better productivity.

Relay the Message Clearly 

Videos are undoubtedly the best tool to send a message precisely and communicate the information well. Humans prefer watching a video more than reading as it is effortless to understand. Videos help compactly present information yet convey a message efficiently to multiple people. It improves productivity by reducing miscommunication and is an expressive way to create awareness. Always add a CTA (click-to-action) to the video to redirect the views to the next step. For example, if the video is about a product or service, CTA to the website for the customers to check the same and buy.

Live Video Calls for Meetings and Discussion 

The pandemic has changed a lot, and one of the prominent changes is the growing remote work culture. Although people have slowly started going to physical offices, some organisations have offered permanent work from home or a hybrid work model. The increase in remote work means more and more online meetings and discussions. Live video calls with a team are the most effective way to communicate with everyone and improve productivity. Here are why live video calls with a team are crucial for higher productivity.

  • The video calls make it easy for the managers or host to put across the information well. It is an opportunity for everyone to connect and work together on a project through live discussion.
  • It is easier to allot and align work to the team member on a video call. It helps with one on one explanation.
  • It is not easy to keep the focus on virtual meetings. However, it is easy to grab everyone’s attention when a team is on a live video call. It reduces space for miscommunication.
  • Video calls create an uninterrupted chain of communication. As it is a live video, it is visually better and fuels better brainstorming.
  • It is a great way to stay on the same page with the team and prospective clients.

Send Video Proposal to Clients 

The traditional way of sending a proposal to the client is through heaps of documents. It is still in place, but video proposals cut the mark in generating client interest. The free online video editor makes editing professional-grade videos easy and makes a great video proposal. Sending a video proposal to business prospects or clients is a good start to breaking down the contents and convincingly conveying information.

Video Marketing is Productive for Brands or Business 

Most of the brands or businesses that have adopted video marketing help connect and engage with the target audience better. Videos are expressive and are an outlet to promote products or services in the versatile form of content. Video, backed by the latest algorithm, has better views than blogs, making it conducive for brands. Here are some examples of videos brands can make to improve productivity and marketing.

  • “How-to” videos are quite popular. Such videos are informative and help in spreading awareness and knowledge. Brands creating “How-to” and tutorial videos for using a product or service help gain higher traction. Most people look for videos before finalising a decision to buy a product.
  • Short-form videos that are entertaining and crisp are perfect for social media. Instagram is the most popular platform, with billions of users across the globe. The short form reels are a great way to create creative videos about the brand or business.
  • The new product or service launch videos create better engagement. Create videos that do not completely reveal the information but just a few glimpses.
  • Videos are an ideal medium for storytelling. Create videos that tell a story about the brand or something connecting to the business. Edit with the free online video editor to make it a professional grade for the audience to connect emotionally.
  • The testimonial or review videos are great as it generates trust in the customers. Request customers to shoot testimonial videos or review a product or service.
  • Focus on creating user-generated video content to improve brand productivity. Encourage customers to tag the brand or business on social media while posting content. Repost the content to show gratitude to the user.

Pitch Yourself through Video Resume

One effective use of video is pitching yourself in front of potential recruiters. A video resume is the latest to be added to a long list of things benefiting from videos. Video resumes have become a prominent choice amongst many recruiters with online recruitment and interviews. For example, if you are in a creative domain, pitch yourself for the interview by showcasing your skills and work examples. On the other hand, create a B-roll video if you are applying for a job that demands strong communication skills and presentations. Speak facing the camera about your qualification, work experience, skills etc. and why you are the right candidate.


Videos are indispensable tools for businesses, brands, and individual creators that skyrocket productivity. Videos are flexible, with a plethora of content that helps grab the viewers’ attention. Videos are productive for businesses as it helps in connecting and engaging with the customers better. It is best in terms of online or remote work as video calls are instrumental to working together as a team and relaying the right message.


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