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How To Influence And Become Your Manager’s – Most Valuable Resource !

Source | LinkedIn : By Adil Malia

Each one of us has secretly nurtured a desire, at some point of time in our careers, to be the most valuable resource to our Managers. Sometimes we succeeded but often we failed…the Manager always epitomising the personified virtues of a Monster who shunned every effort you made to be his most valuable resource on the team !!!

Every 2-Minute Management recipe book you read. Maybe read all Dale Carnegie ‘Influence’ books cover to cover many times over and underlined to highlight all the relevant sentences. Tried gazing every crystal ball, hung the evil-eye and wore talisman hoping to be your Manager’s blue-eyed prodigal son or daughter. But nothing helped you to become that ‘MVR’ you aspired.

But I would say maybe you tried all the wrong things. You barked apple trees, expecting to pluck Cherries. Here are the 9 tips I suggest you adopt.. and doing so I promise, you will surely become your Manager’s – ‘Most Valuable Resource’.

1. Outperform every time. Nothing will endear you to your Manager more than your performance…and if it is consistent and sustained out-performance, nothing better than that. Your performance is aligned to your Manager’s performance. If your Manager sees his performance and success coming through your performance, you will certainly be his MVR ! Not having to worry about the subordinates delivery in his defined area is a boon.

It is an immutable law in business that

words are words

explanations are explanations

but only performance is reality

Your earlier initiatives to be your Manager’s MVR may have actually failed   because your real time performance may not have matched your Manager’s expectations. Everyone is a legend of performance in his own mind. Often times, our Hubris comes in the way of our acknowledging the fact that even we can, sometimes perform  below the expectation of our Managers and thus fail the MVR test albeit our desire to be so, may be high.

2. Manage a positive but delicate balance between all the Political factions in the equation. Your Manager may not have the time nor would it be politically appropriate for him to be seen as directly Managing the political agendas. However, the corporate reality remains that these political  balances have to be somehow managed. If you as his associate can be his alter-ego in managing this critical aspect of the organisational political balance, you will certainly end up becoming your Manager’s MVR.

3. Be your Manager’s Sounding-Board. Your Manager also at times needs some knowledgeable insider who can be his sounding- board for his innovative ideas and thoughts. And certainly he does not want to bounce his ideas if that would be subjected to any kind of evaluation or public humiliations or critique. Thus if you as his team member can play that role to be his sounding board, then no ways would you not end up becoming his Most Valued Resource.

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