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How to judge a person in an Interview?

By | Ratnesh Jain | Entrepreneur | Advisor | Executive Search & Business Growth Specialist

Warren Buffett said – “The Three Things I Look For in a Person – Integrity, Intelligence & Energy”.

Most of us would agree BUT the big challenge is to find out these in an interview or when you meet someone in a limited time.

Below are my thoughts:


There are a thousand ways to define intelligence – I would define intelligence as the ability to Day Dream, Listen and Appreciate different points of view, Ask without hesitation, Adapt, Compromise, Team approach, Solve, Innovate, Decide, and Act.


Again there are many ways to judge energy – I would define energy as the ability to be: Confident, Appreciate & Motivate others, Think and talk positive, Curiosity and questions, Easy going, Positive approach, Action-oriented and consistent.


This is most difficult to judge. To me, integrity means having a consistent character, keeping promises, being on time, accepting your mistakes, dealing positively, and learning from failures – even when there is pressure or incentive to compromise. 

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