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How to Keep Your Business Green and Clean in 2020

By | Hannah Boothe

Is 2020 the year your business commits to incorporating some green and clean solutions? Small and large businesses across the globe are seeking out ways to make this happen more than ever. And you can do it, too. Here are five ways to keep your business clean and green in 2020.

1. Use Eco-Friendly Products

There are some reasons why you might not be able to eliminate all paper and plastic use and stop using some products that are not eco-friendly. But you should try to reuse paper for printing items that will not be shared outside of your business. And any plastic products you have, you should always try to reuse them, too.

Let’s say, for example, that you have a restaurant. You have so many demands on your hands. You have everyday duties like staff management, quality, and customer service. More visible issues take precedence since you usually are crunched for time. You might not think about cleaning out the grease trap. But according to Meeks Environmental, a company that provides commercial grease trap cleaning in Birmingham, AL, you need to clean your indoor grease trap every two weeks. If you have an outdoor one, it is every three months. Having things like this cleaned in imperative to running a clean and successful restaurant.

2. Make the Most Out of Used

Whether you need some furniture or some office products, you can find great deals and still get quality goods. Making the most out of used items is very easy to do. You definitely can help ensure your business is trying to be green and clean.

 Check out thrift shops, consignment stores, and other resale retailers in your local community. You also can search for these types of items online. And social media platforms like Facebook allow users to buy, sell, and trade goods, too.

3. Working Remotely

If you have not looked at opportunities where working remotely is possible for your business, then you might want to look into this. This doesn’t mean that you have to work from every day, but you definitely should mix it up if able to do it.

 You could have staff members telecommute on some days and still have them be onsite for other days. There indeed might be some staff that must be in the office for you, but if you have some team members who can work remotely consider it. And if remote work is not doable, then you should seek ways to lower your footprint relating to work-related travel.

4. Energy-Efficient Thermostats

Better control your energy use and commit to a greener environment when you choose to use energy-efficient thermostats. Available at various price points with all kinds of technologies behind them, you can find energy-efficient thermostats at your local retailers. They are available for you online, too.

Make sure your thermostats are situated in the right spot to further cement your green and clean efforts. Avoid placing them anywhere near windows or direct sunlight. And of course, keep them away from equipment and areas that put off heat. Try to put them in the middle of your space.

5. Timers

Have you looked into the available timer technologies that can help your business? You have ways to control these times from your desk and at your home. And you also have mobile technologies, like apps, that help make timers more useful than ever.

 Do you have employees that always forget to adjust the thermostat before leaving for the day? Do you have employees that arrive to work and try to cool or heat your space as fast as possible without thinking about the impact? Are you always running into issues like lights being on that shouldn’t be? Are other items being left on that should be in sleep mode or turned off? You can control these types of issues. Consider using timers that can assist you.

 With one or more of the five suggestions above, you can help ensure your business is green and clean in 2020. You have other ideas you can consider, but each of the steps above is an easy way for you to make sure this happens.


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