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How to Keep Your Cool When You Interview With Your Dream Company

By | Richard Moy |

If you’re like most people who have just scored a meeting with their dream company, you’re probably more nervous than you’ve ever been for an interview. And because you want to work there so badly (and because your stomach’s already in knots), you’re pretty sure you’re going to lose your composure during the interview.

Reading that last sentence probably made you take pause and think to yourself, “Well, that sounds pretty self-defeating.” And if that’s what you’re currently thinking to yourself, you’re absolutely right. While there’s no understating the pressure you’re feeling about getting this job with this company, there are a few things you should remind yourself of before you get any further in your interview prep.

It Might Be Your Dream Company, But the Employees There Are Human, Too

Even if the company is so awesome that it’s singlehandedly figured out how to make clothes that repair themselves when they rip—then turns around and donates 95% of its proceeds to people in need—take a minute to remember that the people you’ll be meeting with are human beings, just like you. Once you’ve reminded yourself the hiring manager’s human, you’ll be able to put a few things into perspective. And what you’ll realize is that your interviewers have a good deal of pressure on their shoulders too.

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