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How to Lead A Team More Skilled Than You

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Throughout the progression of one’s career, every executive will eventually run into the same situation: every talented manager will someday lead employees with more technical skill and know-how than himself. In these set-ups, plenty of talented managers are pushed to their limits – frustration ensues. With situations like this, it’s important to take on a new perspective: the more talented your team members are, the better your team’s results will be, and the better you’ll look for it! Learn how to manage talent efficiently, to optimize your team’s strengths and lead your company to success.

Tip 1: Update Your Management Style

As the manager of a highly skilled team, where the employees might even be more knowledgeable than you, you should be delighted to have each valuable member on your side. These colleagues are offering their talent to your team, to help your company succeed in achieving a common goal – and the success of your team is a direct reflection of your management skills.

So why do some team leaders struggle with acknowledging that certain team members are more skilled? It’s simple: those who are successful enough to reach a high-level management position have already proven themselves as experts and beat out the competition.

But with this mindset, many senior managers believe that this distinction will remain the status quo for the duration of their career. Senior executives don’t necessarily need to know everything about everything – just one thing, and that’s management. As a supervisor, the working atmosphere is very different – you’re now responsible for the success or failure of the entire group.

Naturally, it’s to your advantage when you’re informed about your industry, but it’s more important to have a firm grasp on the responsibilities and tasks that your team must achieve. Effective managers must make decisions that help guide their team to succeed.

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