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How To Learn To Say “NO”? – Suggestions To Apply At Work

Source | | Rekha Rao

The situation with a colleague, “Kalyani is always running late on assignments. Agreed she’s a senior in another project, but I want to be able to turn down her requests sometimes. I just don’t get around it. It’s not fair!”

Does this circumstance seem familiar? How many of us find it tough to decline someone in spite of knowing that we can’t be involved in the task or help them in any way. 

Why does this happen?

Reasons could be one or a combination of these – we don’t want to upset someone and try to be nice; we’re not assertive enough and buckle under the pressure; we fear the relationship will be harmed and/or the person is in a certain position where we just cannot pass of the work. 

Boils down to – we want to please people asking the favour and are ready to oblige even if it’s at the expense of our own time and priorities

Agreed, helping people is endearing, and in work situations, one is seen as a supportive team player, but the choice of being able to decline must always remain with us. 

Here are a few suggestions to apply when you’re stuck in that uncomfortable spot. 

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