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How to Leave a Legacy that Lasts

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  • Many of us are concerned about the legacy we’ll leave for our families. Bestow is here with a guide and visual on how to leave a legacy that stands the test of time. As time goes on, many of us worry about the legacy we’ll leave. Will we leave behind wonderful memories and financial support for our families? Are we doing all we can right now to create a proper legacy? And what about our more short-term legacies, like those we leave behind at a job? Legacies are complex, highly personal things that we spend our entire lives shaping. But, what exactly goes into one and how can we shape it?

By | Bestow Team

It’s highly unlikely you’ll stay at the same job your entire life, especially in today’s professional culture. Still, whether you’re at a job for one year or twenty, you will leave behind a legacy at work. So, how can you make sure that legacy is a good one? 


  • Create a leadership program: If you’re in a leadership role, establishing a leadership program can be a great way to build the company, help aspiring leaders, and leave a great legacy. If you can, make it a point to donate funds or fundraise for a leadership fund that could be used to create a program. This will allow aspiring leaders within the company to pursue leadership opportunities, learn new skills, and grow as professionals.


  • Be a champion for new and young hires: Both new and young employees can feel intimidated when it comes to voicing opinions and pushing for change. Be an advocate for these employees by regularly speaking with them, hearing their concerns or stressors, and then voicing these issues to higher ups. This will help reduce turnover in many cases, and cement your place as someone that truly cares.
  • Make the most of everyday: To put it simply, make every single interaction count. Be aware that every conversation and decision can leave a lasting effect. Be genuine and sincere, care about others, and make your workplace one of compassion and growth. If this is the only thing on the list you do, you’re still setting yourself up to leave a wonderful legacy.


Your work legacy can be the result of many years or very few. Either way, doing the above will make you a great employee and leader, and help you positively impact your workplace regardless. 

Additional Ways to Leave a Legacy

Outside of your work legacy, you have a financial legacy, personal legacy, and so much more to consider. Fortunately there are numerous things you can do in your everyday life to set yourself up for a happier life, and a lasting legacy that makes your loved ones proud. 

To make this process easier, Bestow has created a visual that details how to leave a lasting legacy, with famous last words for added inspiration. Now, go forth and live a life that you and your loved ones can be proud of! 

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