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How to Log out of Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS

Are you confused to Log out of Facebook messenger? Here are some best tips to log out of Facebook messenger on both android and iOS mobile phones. Ask us for any queries

By | Karen Anthony

Facebook never stops itself from innovating and coming up with new things and features to present to its users. Even after almost two decades of service that Facebook has provided to its users, Facebook is still going strong with all the features that it provides. With all the online socializing features that it gives to the users, it also has come up with a Facebook messenger. As the name suggests it is a messaging application that allows users to send and receive messages through their Facebook account.

You have to log in to your Facebook account and perhaps use the messenger to communicate with your friends. However, something that users do not have clue about or know enough is that how can they log out of Facebook messenger. After they log in to it and use it to their full necessity, they need to log out of it. This could be required to do because of many different reasons, it could be that they want to change their mobile phone, they could want to log in to a new account, or many other reasons. In the next two sections, we will tell you all you need to know about logging into the Facebook messenger account and perhaps how can one log out of it.

How to log in to a Facebook account?

In this section, we will let you know all there is to know about the Facebook messenger and how one can log in to it. As, before you learn how to sign out of Facebook messenger, you should know how to get through to it. So, without wasting any more time, let us go through the points following which you can log in to Facebook.

  • First, you need to sign in or make a Facebook account from the webpage.
  • Once you have made a Facebook account through the webpage, you need to open the play store on Android. Now, download the Facebook messenger application on your phone.
  • After you have downloaded the Facebook messenger, you need to enter your name, username, or email address and perhaps write your Facebook passwords. This will easily allow you to log in to your Facebook account in the messenger.

Now, that you know all about Facebook messenger and how to log in to the account on Messenger. This logging in will allow you to conveniently send and receive messages on Facebook. Another thing that is incredibly easy for users is that they do not need to use the Facebook account every time they want to send or read a message. They can operate Facebook messenger completely independently of their account or application. Now, we think it is the most appropriate time for readers to know how to sign out of their Facebook messenger account.

How to sign out of the Facebook messenger account?

Anybody who is known to the ins and outs of Facebook and the way that it works knows that signing out of Facebook messenger is quite easy. In the next few steps, we will discuss all that you need to know about the Facebook account on messenger and can you log out of it.

  • First and foremost you need to go to the Facebook app on your phone.
  • Therefore, you need to tap on the ‘More’ option that you will see on the right corner of your mobile phone screen. To describe it in words, you will see an option like three lines present vertically.
  • Now you must move on to the settings options and Privacy options to log out of the Facebook messenger.
  • Perhaps you must go down and then move on to the Security option and choose the Security and login option.
  • Thereafter, you’ll look at the number of devices in which your Facebook account is logged in and from where do you need to sign out.
  • Finally to log out of the messenger app go to the Messenger session and hit on the Logout option. That’s it, it’s that simple to actually log out of the Facebook messenger if you don’t want to use it anymore.

Now, here’s another thing that one should know about the Facebook messenger is that there might be different methods that you should use to log out of the messenger. In the next and final section, we will let you know how to log out of Facebook on iOS mobile.

  • First, you must click on the Facebook app on your given iOS device.
  • Then you must tap on the ‘More’ option which might appear on the right-hand corner of your phone screen. Again, it appears in the exact same way, in three vertical lines.
  • Perhaps move to the Settings and Privacy option.
  • Then down to the Security option and choose the Security and login field.
  • Choose the messenger session and then hit the log out option and that’s it, you’re out of your Facebook messenger.
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