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How To LOVE YOURSELF and Be Strong In Difficult Times | Virali Modi | Josh Talks

Source | YouTube | Josh Talks

When was the last time when you were facing difficult times and didn’t know how you can face these hard times. You try to find everywhere on how to find strength in hard times, or how you can love yourself. You start to feel helpless and hate yourself and lack the motivation to do anything.

Disability rights advocate, former Miss India Wheelchair runner-up, motivational speaker and published writer Virali Modi speaks about how she escaped from the jaws of death and miraculously came back to life. She encourages everyone to not let external circumstances rule one’s life decisions and assures everyone that anything is possible with the help of a focus and determined mind. Ten years ago, life almost came to a standstill for Virali Modi after an accident. She was lying on her presumed deathbed on her birthday; she was in a coma, living off a ventilator.

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