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How to Make a Career Decision That Favors Your Future

By | Rakshitha Acharya |

You will know how to make the right choices in your career, in this blog based on an Expert Chat with Purnima Santosh, Managing Partner, Value Vision Management Consultants.

We live in a time where women are confident and wish to be empowered in their lives, therefore every career decision she makes is pivotal.

How to Restart Your Career

The first thing to keep in mind while restarting or getting back to your career is dedication. Set deadlines to make your decisions.

To restart, you need to gather information through extensive research.

What You Need to Know While Returning to Your Career

  • Enroll for online courses to stay up to date with the latest advances in your field
  • You should decide which field or role you want to work in when you return to work
  • Find out what skills are in demand in your field and how you can upskill 
  • Once you have figured out what role or field you want to return to, find out what companies are hiring for the role that you have in mind

These steps with a dash of dedication will help you start your restart journey

What Are The First Steps to Take as a Starter

There are several technical and non-technical opportunities for starters. 

As a starter, you have to figure out where your interests lie and choose accordingly. 

You can go by your degree or take up online/offline courses on the field that interests you the most.

The advantage of being a starter is that there are ample opportunities to choose from. You can opt for technical/non-technical jobs, freelance projects, part-time opportunities and pretty much any job opportunity as your first step towards a successful career.

Now that you know how to make a career decision as a restarter and starter, find out the kind of career choices that will make you a LEADER  Watch this Expert Chat video by Purnima Santosh, Managing Partner, Value Vision Management Consultants: 

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