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How to Make a Difference to the Recruitment Process, Society and Employees Through Innovations in HR

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In this blog I share how Unilever’s pioneering the way in recruitment selection, what it’s doing to help Millennials and much more…

“A company is only as good as the people who are employed by it.”

This unequivocal fact gives guidance to HR teams and divisions across the world, ensuring their strategy is people-focused from the outset. With this in mind, it is HR’s mission, amongst other things, to employ the best processes to not only connect with new talent, but to also develop and engage current employees so they are ready for the competitive market.

At Unilever, we are always looking at new ways to innovate our recruitment process, bringing in talent matched to roles where they are truly able to shine. In addition to this, we also pride ourselves in having a working culture that embraces diversity, bringing fairness and inclusivity to the workplace, which is bolstered by our Unilever Sustainable Living Plan. Such a global company stands only to gain from diversity – common sense dictates that a business catering for a diverse range of international customers, only benefits from being fully inclusive in recruiting people to reflect this diversity.

In my role as Vice President of Human Resources at Unilever North Asia, a large part of my job involves finding ways to embed fairness into the workplace. In this blog, I will be focusing on the subject of fairness in connection with millennials and the work we have been doing to help combat the prejudices this generation experiences. I will also be discussing the great innovations in technology we have used in matching applicants to their ideal jobs and how technology is being used to help our employees find mentors within the company.

Putting Right Misconceptions of Millennials


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