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How To Make an At-Home Vacation Feel *Way* More Relaxing, According to 3 Experts

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It’s the age-old staycation conundrum: While you’re planning it, you’re pumped about your genius plan to save money by staying at home. Once you’re on it, you realize it’s not quite as relaxing as the real deal.

Though you might not actually be lounging on a sunny Florida beach or exploring the streets of Austin, you can feel like you are (even if you’re really sitting on your couch) by using this one expert-approved trick for tapping into that vacay-level chill: breathing.

If your first thought was, “Breathing? No way,” hear us out. At at our first-ever Wellness Daycation, presented by the Marriott Bonvoy™ American Express® Cards, Nike trainer and Fhitting Room instructor Tara Nicolas, dietitian McKel Kooienga, RDN, and yoga teacher Jess Blackmun shared tips for creating the ultimate relaxing vacation in your own home—and breathwork was the common denominator in every activity.

They shared insight on how breathwork can seriously help with bringing laid-back wellness travel vibes with you wherever you go, whether that’s to your kitchen to whip up a special snack or to the yoga mat in your living room for a quick flow.

Nicolas’ top piece of advice? Make sure you’re allowing breathwork and self care to feel playful and fun (vacations are supposed to be fun, after all!). To make it happen, follow her and the other wellness industry experts’ tips on how to use a breathwork practice to help you actually relax—so you can score that wellness vacation feeling no matter where you are.

Keep reading for 3 tips on how a breathwork practice can help mentally transport you to a relaxing destination.

1. Find your happy place

The name makes it sound fancy, but you don’t actually need to know any special techniques to start a breathwork practice. It just takes a few deep breaths and some imagination. “You can get a lot more out of a self-care practice by just imagining where you want to be in that moment, and then transporting yourself using your breath,” Blackmun said as she led Wellness Daycation attendees through a simple, do-anywhere breathing exercise.

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