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How to Make an Impression in an Interview

By: Nancy Rivera

Sitting in an unfamiliar office as you try to evaluate your worth to a total stranger might not seem like the best environment to sell yourself. Interviewing can be nerve-wracking. It’s not always about preparing physical things such as an executive resume samples. But if you incorporate these steps into your interview strategy, you’ll have employers clamoring to hire you.

Prepare a list of questions

Modern interviews almost invariably end with the interviewer asking if you have questions about the company. While this might seem like simply polite behavior, this is an opportunity for you to impress the interviewer with your preparedness.

Before going into the interview, spend a few hours researching the company, reading Glass Door reviews, and reading news articles. Come up with four or five questions about the workplace culture, possibility of advancement, or about specific products or projects you might work with. This level of preparation will signal to the interviewer that you are a serious candidate. Avoid asking questions about time off or work-life balance, as these can be interpreted as signs of laziness. Instead, make sure your list paints you as a motivated worker.


Positivity is priceless. Employers respond better to cheerful applicants than dour ones. Giving off a positive impression will improve the mood of your interviewer, which will make them remember you more fondly when they are making hiring decisions. On top of that, managers want positive employees because not only are they more productive, they improve the mood and productivity of those around them.

If you have a hard time being cheerful in interviews, there are a few ways you can get into a smiling mood before walking in. Try listening to a comedy show or watching funny videos in your car. Perhaps call a friend or family member who can always make you smile beforehand. Whatever you do, radiating positive energy is one the most valuable traits you can possess in an interview.

Be confident, but honest

You’ve likely heard this one a million times, but confidence is the number one most attractive trait for a fresh hire. The problem people run into is crossing over the line from confidence to arrogance. Confident people are assured they belong at the interview and have no qualms showing off their expertise. Arrogant people overestimate their capabilities and might be dishonest about how much they actually know.

Be honest about what you know, but also be confident that you are more than capable to do this job. If you are asked a question you don’t know the answer to, don’t try to lie or mislead the interviewer. Being humble enough to admit you don’t know something is more than okay. Companies would rather have someone who is honest, but willing to learn, than somebody too prideful to admit they aren’t perfect.

The interview is an excellent opportunity to show your potential employer you mean business. A dash of confidence and being earnest will take you a long way. By following these methods, you can land that long-shot job and advance your career to incredible heights!


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