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How to Make Real Change Happen

Source | LinkedIn | A.J. Jacobs | Author, Lecturer and Editor at Large at Esquire magazine

Leah Garces has loved dogs since she was a little girl.

She’s devoted her professional life to helping dogs, making their lives better, easing their suffering. And she’s been spectacularly successful.

Now Garces has written a book about how she’s helping to change the dog breeding industry to improve the lives of billions of dogs.

Wait. Did I say dogs? I meant chickens.

Sorry about that little bait and switch. I thought I might attract more readers if I said dogs.

But I also hoped it might make a point. As Garces argues, maybe we should extend the compassion we have for dogs to chickens as well. Sure, chickens aren’t nearly as cute and cuddly. But, as science has shown, birds do have emotions and the capacity to feel pleasure and pain.

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