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How To Make Remote Team Collaboration More Successful

Source | | Braja Deepon Roy

How to be productive when you are working from home? Or how to collaborate with team members if you are new to this work culture? These are a few search queries that you might have googled. We all are clueless in this situation. Many have blended with this culture and thriving. At the same time, some leaders are trying hard to build a collaborative remote workforce. Remote working is not new. Companies worldwide hire people who work remotely to cut down geographic barriers. Also, people predicted long ago that remote work is a trend that will evolve with time. But no one expected the unprecedented event would force most of the workforce worldwide to work from home overnight.

The sudden shift has brought many new challenges. One of the significant obstacles is to collaboratively effectively and boost productivity. The world is learning to collaborate virtually to make the best out of their work.

What is Virtual/Remote Collaboration?

Virtual collaboration is collaborating virtually through digital tools towards a common goal. Without physical interaction, virtual teams collaborate using digital technology, share ideas, work files, and communicate in real-time.

Ways to increase the efficiency of work while collaborating remotely

1. Communication

Effective communication is the key to enhance remote team collaboration. How the team <a href=””/ target=”_blank”>communicates internally decides the fate of the organization. In-person collaboration or communication is not viable in remote work environments; therefore, it is vital to communicate with team members actively. When you work remotely and connect team members with chat tools and video conferencing tools, make sure everyone is well adapted. And everyone must use common communication channels. Most of the working hours for remote teams are spent connecting to people, answering emails, or conducting meetings. Therefore, the following few norms can save much time and build efficiency. Here is what you can do-

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