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How to Make What You Want For A Living

Source | LinkedIn : By James Altucher

What does it sound like when you change your mind?

That’s the name of Seth Godin’s next book. He only printed 5,500 copies. And he’s not printing anymore.

He doesn’t view a book as just pages surrounded by two covers. He makes a 3-dimensional object that’s beautiful to look at and read.

“It’s not new,” he said on my podcast. “It’s the best of the last four years of my work. And it’s illustrated with hundreds of photos by Thomas Hawk, who’s the most prolific and talented internet photographer.”

The book weighs 18 pounds. And it’s 800 pages long.

I asked him about art and marketing… and he told me about life.


“No business, no project, no novel ever started big,” Seth said.

It started with fear, uncertainty, excitement, possibility. Tons of “what if’s” that lead to real action. And real action halts the what if’s. The what if’s turn to what is.

Seth said, “Instead of saying, ‘I need to leap to the middle,’ say, ‘I’m going to start with people who want to engage with me.’”

All successes start with one person. That’s it. One person, then two, then three.

Success is a curve. We all know it. Don’t try to cheat the curve.


I asked Seth, “How do you know what the world wants to hear?”

“Well, first of all, never the whole world,” he said. “You pick your world.”

Where do you hurt? Where you do you feel a knot? Can you loosen it up and ease the pressure?

Can you create something for the people (or person) who want to love what you want to love?

Read on….

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