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How to Make Work Funner

A few tips and pranks for people who work and like fun and wish they were having more of it during their workday.

Created by Tripp and Tyler
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  1. I like to hide under my co-workers desks and scare them by grabbing their leg after I let them settle in and get comfortable. It's fun. I've yet to be kicked. I also like to put up scary clown pictures in the office of my friend that is terrified of clowns. I tell her it is therapy, but it is really just funny to me.

  2. left a random pair of lace panties in the c.e.o office chair… spent the afternoon listening to the entire female work force bickering and threatening to leave …. hilarious.

  3. We have a baby doll that we hide in random spots around work. It'll be gone for months then you'll look at a random place and see it's eyes staring at you, pretty fun.

  4. im trying, but its never fun i am a front office agent and i hate the fact that i am , i wish i could just like this work just a little ….because the more im hating it the more im making mistakes at accomplishing it too

  5. I heard a story about somebody who did this. First, he a few friends to help out. They of them cooked up a few batches of clear sugar glass. Then, overnight, they removed the windows from his office. They only removed the ones going into the rest of the floor, versus the ones leading outside. Then they took the sugar glass windows and installed them. The next day, the guy pretended to rage and grabbed a baseball bat that he kept in his office and smashed the windows. His friends came running from their cubicles, bent down, and began eating the sugar glass. The funniest part was when one of the horrified coworkers ran to get their boss and the boss(who was in on the prank) acted like it was perfectly normal to eat smashed glass from a window.

  6. On an unlocked computer, go into the mouse settings and reverse the left and right button, also change the double click speed to be super slow or super fast

  7. i have a group of employees who like to work with the lights off so i started calling them "the dark side" and i bought a darth vader doll and convinced them there was a nanny cam inside it and pointed it right at them. they would constantly turn it away but i kept repositioning it and making a big show of aligning the frame. this went on for a week or so. we named it the "vader cam" i swear half the staff knew it was a gag but the rest were convinced it was real. it was the funniest gag.

  8. when a coworker is out of the office for a week or more clear there desk of everything and remove their nameplate from the door or cube or draw a chalk outline of body next to their desk and leave a few randomly numbered evidence tents laying around, add some shell casings for extra shock value

  9. If they have a traditional keyboard and are a hunt-and-peck typer, pop the M and N keys off and switch them. I did this to one of my coworkers, and his password apparently had an M in it. For five solid minutes he stared at his keyboard as he meticulously pounded his password in over and over. Eventually he got mad, threw the keyboard across the room (which was impressive, considering it was plugged in) and stormed out of the building.

    Or pop off the number pad keys 7-8-9 and 1-2-3 and swap them so the 1-2-3 are up top.

  10. I don't know about Mac, but in Windows you can hide all desktop icons using an option in the right click menu. It looked like you had to delete or move all those stuff from desktop to somewhere else on the Mac.

  11. I think if you're a Dvorak geek, you can try this. Set your coworker's keyboard to Dvorak, and when he's confused and asks for your help, type on his computer like you normally would and show that it works fine. I think this trick will baffle even IT support because of how hardly known Dvorak is (sadly).

  12. Back when keyboard keys could be popped off, we rearranged the keys into alpha order on a coworker who was not a touch typist. He was pissed. One (way older) female boss had an annoying habit of sending a message that required a response, to her underling's monitor (old school IBM) when we went to break, so she would know when we got back. Another coworker filled in "I love you Donna" as the response, unbeknownst to the owner of the monitor. We had to write our names on a list at the secretary's desk when we left for break or lunch, so that she would know when she answered the phone, who was out. We made up an employee name and always put down that fictitious name every time we left and marked him as "in" when we returned. She would ask "who is Dan?" and we would always describe him and say he just went around the corner, you just missed him. Programmers can be creative when we are bored.

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