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How to make yourself relevant and in demand?

Source | Linkedin | Santhosh Babu | Helping leaders build purposeful and successful Organizations

Rajesh at 42, never thought he would be jobless when he heard the announcement of the merger of his telecom company with another one. But soon Rajesh was jobless. The current economic crisis in India along with the global trends could threaten millions of jobs. And yours could be one. 

What can you do to make yourself relevant, agile and in demand?

While we could blame the government, global leaders, our company policies, we also need to face the reality. 

The reality is that the current economic situation might last for a while and there would be job cuts. Even if not about job cuts, we live in a competitive work place and as you move up in the hierarchy there are less positions and roles. So how do you make yourself relevant and in demand?

Actually there are only two areas that you can focus on, building your human capital and your social capital.  Before you ask me what these are, let me explain human capital and social capital. 

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