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How To Manage A Remote Development Team Without Experience

By | Eric Stephens

Remote work has become so much expected that it does not seem strange in businesses plus it has gained the status of a compulsory part of the firms. Remote efficient developers perform duties by following their schedule in which time is divided according to the nature of the projects. They also mention short breaks in it to become relaxed. They enjoy the best beef jerky and other light snacks during breaks to recharge them. Various types of snacks like chips, fatty beef jerky, popcorn, thin beef jerky, etc make the level of energy full that they have consumed while working. Their spirits and high energy levels push them forcefully for performing better. They accomplish plans assigned to them individually or sometimes by becoming part of a developers team.

What do you understand about a remote development team?

A remote development team is a set of talented developers who work on tasks under the guidance of managers or team leaders. Such a type of team improves the quality of work and their charges are reasonable. Businesses now have remote development teams to improve all business processes.

How to manage a remote development team without experience;

There are some ways to handle a remote development team without expertise effectively.

1-Deliver guidance clearly;

Clear descriptions and proper guidelines regarding the project are essential for managing the remote development team. Managers hand over complicated projects to the team without giving perfect information. Remember that finishing tasks is impossible in case of improper knowledge. Provision of all details helps developers to work speedily as they know the nature of the plans and can tackle it correctly. Managers should also respond to teams all work inquiries instantly so that they can perform duties in a better way. They should encourage discussions to give a maximum dose of guidance.

2-Establish proper communication;

For handling a remote development team it is necessary to have a correct collaboration with developers. It can make them efficient and they follow the timetable strictly. Managers should use all the latest equipment to remain in touch with them in all matters. Arrange online meetings and discussions and make sure that all members show their involvement by giving beneficial suggestions relating to duties. Utilize tools like Slack, Zoom, Trello, etc for solid collaboration. Believe me that they work amazingly and connect you with a team and engage developers with each other.

3-Appreciate developer’s work;

Developers desire applause if they perform something creative. They feel proud if managers appreciate them and make them visible among others due to their achievements. Some managers celebrate workers’ success to motivate them for upcoming challenges and for managing the team accurately. Rewards, bonuses, gifts, appreciation, etc all are necessary for the growth and betterment of the companies. In absence of applause, workers become dull and no creativity can be seen. It is better to show your compliments by delivering small gifts that will make their morale high.

4-Utilize latest tools;

In remote work connection between team and managers is possible through advanced online tools. So it is critical to use them for handling remote development teams wisely. Technology has given so many modern tools for our comfort that have made life easier than before. The latest tools help the developer’s team to remain in one place for having a perfect connection. Such tools include zoom, slack, skype, Jira, etc. All these help maintain excellent bonding among developers and they can ask anything that confuses them.

5-Engage developers of the team;

Remote developers work all alone at home and feel lonely. So it is essential to engage them for making them productive and for managing the team properly. It is the responsibility of the manager to allow them to have conference calls, play games together, and converse with other developers during breaks. All these things will keep them busy and they will not feel isolated which affects performance and make morale low. Engage them in online short events on important days, celebrate their birthdays, and arrange song competitions to keep them involved.

In short, there are ways through which managers can tackle developers’ teams and can utilize their talent for attaining goals.

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