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How to Manage and Visualise People Data to Create Actionable Insights (Interview with Ian White)

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My guest on this week’s episode is Ian White, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at ChartHop, one of the fastest growing and most exciting new technologies in our space. ChartHop has grown by more than 10X since the start of the pandemic and has a prestigious list of investors, including Andreessen Horowitz. Josh Bersin recently highlighted ChartHop as “a cool tool that displays every piece of data you need in a visual way” which is high praise indeed and deservedly so. Ian believes that when people have the full context, know what they are trying to achieve together, know their roles and fundamentally trust that Managers and Leaders are transparent and fair, you can achieve great things.

You can listen to this week’s episode below, or by using your podcast app of choice, just click the corresponding image to get access via the podcast website here.

In our conversation, Ian and I discuss:

  • How Ian’s own experience as a customer of HR Tech helped inspire him to build and scale ChartHop

  • How to bring data to life so that it is accurate, accessible and applicable and so leads to actionable insights

  • Why agility, organisational design and workforce planning all need to evolve, to support the world of hybrid work

  • How CHROs can build on the last year and have an ability to experiment, to explore and to respond quickly

  • How having the right people data in place supports a business operating in a fast paced environment.

This episode is a must listen for anyone interested in technologies that help organise, manage and visualise people data so that it drives actionable insights. So that is Business Leaders, CHROs and anyone in a People Analytics, Workforce Planning or HR Business Partner role.

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Interview Transcript

David Green: Today, I am delighted to welcome Ian White, Founder and CEO of ChartHop to The Digital HR Leaders Podcast. It is great to have you on the show, welcome. Can you provide listeners with a brief introduction to you, your background and also your role at ChartHop and also a bit about ChartHop as well?

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