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How to manage Anger. Its not difficult

By | Narendra Ambwani | Helping CEO/CXO Excel

Why do we get angry

Anger is the worst of all the emotions. It can break years of friendships, marriages and even cause violence or wars. Anger is the biggest enemy of humanity.

Why do we get angry and what can we do to deal with the anger? Here are few suggestions :

  1. Remember it’s an emotion and like all other emotions it is transient, so if you don’t react for five mins it will reduce in intensity and give you time to cool.
  2. Cause of anger is always in the past. Some thing had happened or some one had done something which upset you. So you are reacting to an event which has actually occurred already and hence it’s in the past and not in the present timeframe. What is in the past ,  can not be undone . So why cry over the split milk.( Look at what you can do with it now, example make paneer?)
  3. The anger basically is non – acceptance of a fact or a reality or an event. Earlier we accept it, the easier it is to control emotions.
  4. We blame something or someone for our anger, it’s futile as they did not cause it. You reacted in your mind so you must own your own emotion, do not blame to anything. It’s you who has anger in your mind and caused by you.
  5. Anger increases blood flow and heartbeat which is harmful for health. 
  6. Anger clouds your thinking and longer it lingers more muddled and inactive your mind remains.
  7. Fastest way to rid the anger is to forgive whoever it is who you feel is guilty including yourself.
  8. Another way is to tell your mind that whatever happened was destined to happen and life has to move on. Life is short, focus on positive things.
  9. Earlier you can get out of negative emotion of anger, the better it is for your health and productivity 

Please do share your tips for managing anger.

Republished with permission and originally published at Narendra Ambwani’s LinkedIn

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