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How to Manage your Boss

Source | LinkedIn : By Dr Pallab Bandyopadhyay

Bosses are complex, of­ten difficult to understand. They also come across to us as ambiguous, and unpredictable. The big­gest challenge for all of us is to find the right one. Unfortunately as I always tell, god has not bestowed us with the power to choose either our parents or our bosses. But we can certainly manage them; god willing that is definitely possible. We need bosses who love their work and organizations, and respect the people whose lives they affect. Bosses, according to me, should be both artists and analysts, who are flexible and versatile enough to reframe their expectations to suite the organizational need, as well as help us to seek new learnings by allowing us to experiment and help us discover in ourselves the art of possibilities by establishing order and finding simplicity.

Tough bosses do not always require tough ways to deal with them, all it requires is understanding them well as an individual, their drivers, needs and motivation and then an implementable action plan to build a collaborative approach. The key to this approach is thinking as simplistically and practically as possible with an unwavering focus on building a collaborative and productive relationship. I have been, like many of you have the opportunity to work with many bosses, both men and women of with impeccable competency, experience and stature from across the geographies round the world for last two decades. Remarkably though, most of them are still in touch with me from different part of the world indicating that “we had good times (if not always) together”.

Every nasty boss have the capacity to bog down the sturdiest, however one must understand even the worst can not stop you from learning. Knowledge is the utilization of information and data, and when applied in job it gets converted into skills. Ours is a knowledge based industry and one can only gain it when one works on it diligently. I believe that key to growth to your future is directly proportional to the investment that you are making for self development. The most apt for learning from your boss is to get the tips which help you to make you ‘Industry Savvy’. The most important thing that you need to get what you want is to exhibit is your drive and enthusiasm to walk the extra mile, remember it’s your need and not his. Apart from this, bosses look at your analytical skills and understanding of domain. Your desire to develop in-depth subject matter knowledge, approach to answering questions, helping your colleagues, ability to brainstorm, think out-of-the box and overall diction/clarity of communication. Bosses, do also tend to look at the spark in your eyes. I do not remember any of my bosses who liked a moron. When bosses see this in you that give him/her an array of options and creating development opportunities, he/she become more open to help you learn on the job, build a strong bonding, celebrate success with you standing next to him/her. You also certainly discover need to develop creativity, risk-taking, and playfulness in you in spite of grueling work schedule. If you develop a bond with him/her at this stage you will find that he/she is asking you the right questions, and helping you to search for a deeper meaning and faith leading to the development of passionate, committed, flexible, and ethical, relationship that may be key to your future professional development.

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